About the Cultural Plan

Project Introduction

There is clear evidence that Canada’s cultural sector generates a wealth of contributions to the country’s cultural, social, and economic fabric. Traditionally, the cultural community has been recognized for its multi-faceted role in contributing to individual and community development, social cohesion, and quality of life. However, in recent years there has been growing awareness of the substantial economic contributions of the arts and culture industries, and of their central role in the creative economy.

The City joins leading municipalities in Canada in developing a Cultural Plan, and it recognizes that Regina is rich in cultural resources. Regina’s first Cultural Plan presented the city with a unique opportunity. The 10-year Plan was developed in conjunction with Design Regina, the Official Community Plan adopted by City Council in December 2013. A Culture Chapter in Design Regina acknowledges the city’s cultural resources as an important ongoing planning responsibility.

Purpose of the Cultural Plan

The Cultural Plan is intended to be a strategic document for the City. It provides a planning framework and set of strategies and recommended actions that will:

  • Leverage and nurture Regina’s rich and diverse cultural resources to advance a wide range of economic and broader community development agendas;

  • Build the capacity of Regina’s cultural community;

  • Set out the City’s role in cultural development, as well as potential approaches to cultural heritage preservation and conservation ;

  • More fully integrate cultural development into all facets of municipal planning and decision-making; and

  • Ultimately contribute to realizing the City’s vision for Regina to become Canada’s most vibrant, inclusive, attractive, sustainable community, where people live in harmony and thrive in opportunity.