Past Public Involvement

The community engagement process for the Cultural Plan sought to engage a wide cross-section of community members and stakeholders in shaping its vision and direction. The engagement process included the following activities:

  • Community interviews – more than 95 interviews were conducted either by phone or in person. Those spoken with represented a wide cross-section of interests or constituencies, including Council members, arts and heritage groups, cultural institutions, creative enterprises, business groups, post-secondary institutions, community organizations, social service agencies and individual artists and community and cultural leaders.
  • Roundtable conversations – these were conducted with young artists, seniors, cultural industries, the interfaith community and seven special sessions held with the First Nations and Métis community.
  • Stakeholder engagement – two special engagement sessions were held, a symposium on the performing arts and a Mayor’s luncheon on creative industries. There was also early guidance from a Cultural Plan Advisory Group (representative of a diverse range of community).
  • Public engagement – two special engagement sessions were held, three online surveys about the vision and draft plans, and multiple presentations to the Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee and the Arts Advisory Committee.