2013 Engagement

January 17, 2013

Advisory Committee meeting

In January, the Arts Advisory Committee of Council was engaged in a conversation about the development of the Cultural Plan.  This meeting provided an update on the structure for public and stakeholder engagement as well as the key deliverables of the Plan.

February and March, 2013

Stakeholder Interviews

A key avenue of engagement for the Cultural Plan and Cultural Heritage Management Strategy, which helped to shape the focus topic themes for further stakeholder and public engagement, were the one-on-one interviews.

These interviews, conducted either by phone or sometimes in person, asked a diverse range of participants to reflect upon their relationship to the cultural vibrancy of the City and for their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities that exist to further education, awareness and development of cultural resources.

Reflecting the diversity of Regina’s Cultural Resource Framework, individuals interviewed included:

Artists and architects
Business leaders
Members of City Council
Cultural Industry managers and workers
Directors of arts organizations, museums
Executive Directors and CEO’s of key City partners
Senior positions in other levels of government

February 26, 2013

Cultural Plan Advisory Group

In 2013, and using the Cultural Resource Framework as the guide for determining a cross section of the community, a Cultural Plan Advisory Group was formed to assist in guiding the development of the Plan.  Their Terms of Reference included meeting on an ad-hoc basis to hear of the discoveries in the research and to add refinement to the development of the Plan and its Goals.  Members of the advisory group included Executive Directors for arts organizations, individual architects and land developers, artists, partner agencies to the City and other cultural workers.

March 5, 2013

Advisory Committee meeting

In March, the Arts Advisory Committee of Council was engaged in a conversation about the community based Cultural Plan Advisory Group which had met weeks earlier.  The Arts Advisory Committee was provided a list of members and were asked to further reflect on any ‘gap’ areas of participation based on the Resource Framework.

April 23, 2013

Stakeholder and Public Engagement Sessions

Leading into the main engagement sessions for identified stakeholders and the public, much work had already been done on the Cultural Plan and Cultural Heritage Management Strategy. Alongside extensive research into existing plans and studies at the municipal and Provincial levels, there were more than 50 interviews conducted either by phone or in-person. Individuals represented a wide cross-section of interests or constituencies including Council members, arts and heritage groups, cultural institutions, creative enterprises, business groups, post-secondary institutions, community organizations, social service agencies, among others. The Plan formed a Cultural Advisory Group comprised of a diversity of community representatives reflecting Regina’s Cultural Resource Framework who provided some initial guidance and input was sought from two Advisory Committees of Council; the Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee and Arts Advisory Committee.

This information all lead to the formation of 8 key Topic Themes to focus the facilitation at the stakeholder and public engagement sessions.

Those topics were:

  • Increase awareness of cultural resources
  • Respond to the cultural aspirations of an increasingly diverse community
  • Improve communication and collaboration among cultural groups
  • Advance culture’s role in the economy
  • Strengthen and expand festivals
  • Address cultural needs at the neighbourhood level
  • Build a beautiful and culturally vibrant downtown
  • Strengthen cultural heritage preservation and enhancement

Review Stakeholder and Public Engagement Session Summary (PDF)

May 8 – 9, 2013

Roundtable Conversations

Critical to the formation of the Cultural Plan and Cultural Heritage Management Strategy is input from the indigenous and Metis people of this country. Over a two-day period in May, five roundtable conversations were held with First Nations, Metis and Inuit elders, artists, knowledge keepers, language instructors, cultural managers and other community leaders.

The information from those conversations have shaped the very structure of the Cultural Plan and provided the hopeful forward path for future, ongoing engagement around the City’s role in meeting the cultural aspirations of our indigenous and Metis communities.

A summary of the conversations follows, organized into the following categories:

  • General points
  • Diversity, Multiculturalism, Racism and Immigrants
  • Accommodating and enabling
  • Regulations and Bylaws
  • Education
  • Youth
  • Documentation and Commemoration
  • Indicators of success in 10 years time

Review summary notes – Roundtable Conversation (PDF)

September 6, 2013

Cultural Plan Advisory Group

At this second meeting, the Advisory Group were presented with the emerging discoveries that would form the basis of the coming first draft of the Plan.  They provided input on the emerging community themes and the forward timeline for the Plan.

November 7, 2013

Advisory Committee meeting

In November, the Arts Advisory Committee of Council participated in a discussion on the first tentative draft of the Cultural Plan.  They also provided feedback on the coming public and stakeholder engagement practices and the overall timetable for the Plan.