2014 Engagement

March – May, 2014

City Departmental review

Cultural planning affects, and is affected by, a range of city departments, so engaging Administration in the development of the Cultural Plan, and how it aligns with other strategic plans, was vital.  Through this period 28 individuals were targeted for their input to the Plan across the following departments:

•    Strategy Management
•    Facilities
•    Development Services
•    Community Services
•    Planning

April – May, 2014

Online Survey

Via the website, the public provided feedback on the full Cultural Plan, and each of the 5 draft Goals, which establish a vision and frame the overarching issues to be addressed, the Strategic objectives, which speak to how these goals are to be achieved, and the Actions, which set out potential initiatives and opportunities to advance agendas related to each objective.  We received 58 unique comments which helped shaped a draft that could be taken forward to City Council.

May 2014

Cultural Plan Advisory Group

In 2013, and using the Cultural Resource Framework as the guide for determining a cross section of the community, a Cultural Plan Advisory Group was formed to assist in guiding the development of the Plan.  Their Terms of Reference included meeting on an ad-hoc basis to hear of the discoveries in the research and to add refinement to the development of the Plan and its Goals.  Members of the advisory group included Executive Directors for arts organizations, individual architects and land developers, artists, partner agencies to the City and other cultural workers.

Through the month of May, members of the Cultural Plan Advisory Group provided input to the formation of the 2014 draft of the Cultural Plan.

September 11, 2014

Advisory Committee meeting

In September, the Arts Advisory Committee of Council was engaged in a conversation about the Plan, its findings, and its Goals and Implementation.  The Committee, comprised of volunteers from the community who provide guidance to Council on matters of art and culture, provided input which helped shape the Plan in advance of taking it to the Committee of Council.

November 5, 2014

The Cultural Plan was presented to the Community and Protective Services Committee of Council.  It was then deferred for further engagement with plans to come back to the Committee in 2015.  Attached is a Powerpoint presentation, created by City Administration, which accompanied the presentation to the Committee.