2016 Engagement

February to March

One-on-one Interviews

A key avenue of engagement for the Regina Cultural Plan has been was one-on-one interviews. Such interviews were held during the months of February to March, 2016.

These interviews were held with the executive directors and staff from cultural centres, cultural and economic development agencies, and different levels of government, cultural enterprises, and arts organizations. At these meetings, the draft of the Regina Cultural Plan was presented and there was opportunity for the participants to speak about the Goals, Objectives, Actions and the requirements to ensure effective implementation of the Plan’s ideas.  These discussions were captured and incorporated into the current draft of the Regina Cultural Plan.

In some cases, these interviews, conducted either by phone or sometimes in person, asked a diverse range of participants to reflect upon their relationship to the cultural vibrancy of the City and for their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities that exist to further education, awareness and development of cultural resources.

Reflecting the diversity of Regina’s Cultural Resource Framework, individuals interviewed included:

  • Artists
  • Architects
  • Business leaders
  • Settlement Agencies
  • Members of City Council
  • Cultural Industry managers and workers
  • Directors of arts organizations, museums
  • Executive Directors and CEO’s of key City partners
  • Senior positions in other levels of government

These interviews provided invaluable feedback that was used to reshape the proceeding drafts of the Regina Cultural plan.


March 8

Engagement with the Indigenous Community

Various members and Elders from the Indigenous community were invited to attend a final engagement session on March 8, 2016 at the Regina Performing Arts Centre in the community of North Central. Those individuals that had participated in previous engagements were invited to join this session. Here, the final draft of the Cultural Plan was presented; this draft incorporated much of the feedback from previous sessions. The group was asked consider these changes and make further suggestions that would enable the Regina Cultural Plan to enhance and benefit cultural expression and vitality throughout the Indigenous community. The themes discussed focused around:

  • Newcomers and inter-cultural relations
  • Youth and cultural education
  • Public space reflecting Indigenous history and present cultures

General points were made at this engagement sessions around the relationship between the Indigenous community and the City of Regina, stressing the importance of the relationship being a partnership based on trust and respect. As well, many individuals spoke of the importance of culture in bringing people together, which is a need that is growing as Regina continues to diversify as a municipality. In fact, culture connects to many social issues beyond that of what is often considered “culture.” Looking at differing points of view on culture and different ways of understanding culture can provide many, wider benefits to the city such as inter-culturalism.

These conversations provided important feedback to the various Goals, Objectives, and Actions found throughout the Regina Cultural Plan concerning Indigenous cultures and traditions.


March 9

Engagement with Stakeholders  

On March 9, 2016, an engagement session was held at the MacKenzie Art Gallery with stakeholders that had participated in past stakeholder sessions and one-on-one interviews. At this event, the most recent draft of the Regina Cultural Plan was presented to demonstrate changes in the plan from previous drafts and solicit feedback from the stakeholders. After a short presentation on the recent draft, stakeholders were invited to give feedback in a variety of ways, including writing feedback on boards, verbally expressing feedback to staff, or following up with an email. These options resulted in extensive written feedback, vigorous dialogue, and several creative exchanges that were captured and later used to make adjustments to the draft of the Regina Cultural plan.



Public Survey

To increase public feedback on the Regina Cultural Plan, the City implemented an online survey throughout the month of March, 2016. The surveys provided an opportunity for the public to provide feedback on the Plan, its Goals and Objectives.

The survey told us that 80 per cent of the public agreed or strongly agreed with the City of Regina joining other municipalities in creating a cultural plan.