Infill Housing Guidelines


Our City is undergoing constant change. Ongoing renewal and redevelopment has prompted Regina, like many cities, to develop guidelines to ensure that new development has a positive effect on existing neighbourhoods.

What is Infill Development?

Infill development refers to the addition of new residential dwellings to established neighbourhoods. Infill development can include: 1) development of a new residential dwelling on vacant land; 2) additions and structural alterations to existing dwellings; or 3) the replacement of existing dwellings with new ones. Infill development does not necessarily result in intensification.  Intensification through infill development only occurs when development results in an overall increase in the number of residential units.

Why Infill Development?

Infill development supports sustainable growth and neighbourhood renewal. It promotes compact and complete communities and better utilizes existing transportation and servicing infrastructure by building new homes in existing neighbourhoods rather than in new developments.

When residential intensification occurs as part of infill development, there is an increase in the diversity and affordability of housing options. This means that more households will live in existing neighbourhoods and support local businesses and amenities. It helps the City reach its goal of 30 per cent of new residential growth within existing neighbourhoods.

Consultant’s Report on Infill Housing Guidelines

The consultant’s report on Infill Housing Guidelines represents findings based on public and stakeholder input, feedback from City Administration and Canadian best practices. While guidelines are not enforceable regulations, they outline areas of consideration for considering infill development.

Next Steps:
The City is taking a broader, strategic approach to infill development. Currently, City Administration is reviewing the guidelines document and working on a number of initiatives to ensure that future regulations on infill development provide a diversity of housing options while meeting the needs of the community.