Underutilized Land Study

The Underutilized Land Study, which was endorsed by City Council on Dec 17, 2018, looks at potential regulatory, environmental, social and economic barriers to private sector redevelopment of various types of underutilized sites throughout the City and recommend specific actions the City can undertake to improve the viability of redeveloping these lands.

The consultant has completed the Underutilized Land Study which included a review of best practices, stakeholder input, running redevelopment cost-benefit scenarios and feedback from City Administration. The Study provides policy recommendations to encourage new private sector investment in underutilized lands.

*The Consultants compiled the key themes received and prepared the attached draft study. Please note that some of the comments provided by stakeholders may not reflect the City of Regina’s understanding of current conditions or relate to aspects of redevelopment that the City cannot regulate or influence.

Next Steps

City Administration is developing an Underutilized Land Improvement Strategy comprised of specific goals and actions that the City can undertake over the short, medium and long term to support redevelopment of underutilized land. It is anticipated that the Strategy will be provided to City Council for approval in late 2019.

What are Underutilized Sites?

For the purpose of this Study, underutilized sites are:

Brownfields – An undeveloped or previously developed property that may be contaminated.  These are usually, but not exclusively, former industrial or commercial properties that may be underutilized, derelict or vacant.

Bluefields – The site of an institutional or community facility that is no longer in use. This may include former schools, hospitals, long-term care facilities, religious institutions, courthouses or similar uses.

Vacant Lots – An existing property that was formally in use but where there is no building.

Stand Alone Surface Parking Lots – A commercial surface parking lot located in the City Centre that does not contain a principle building.

Chronically Vacant Buildings – A building located within the City Centre that was formerly used for industrial, commercial or residential purposes but has been totally vacant for at least one year and is not currently available for rent or lease.

Why is the City undertaking the Study?

There are a significant number of underutilized properties within Regina’s established neighbourhoods that have the potential for development. Developing these properties is critical to achieving the Official Community Plan’s (OCP) intensification goal of directing at least 30 per cent of new population to existing urban areas.

Redeveloping of underutilized lands will:

  • Make efficient use of existing infrastructure and increase tax revenue
  • Cleanup contaminated sites and return them to an active use
  • Reduce the outward urban expansion onto agriculture lands
  • Improve public safety and encourage new neighbourhood investment by replacing unsightly, vacant spaces and replace them with active buildings
  • Help contribute to a vibrant and active downtown

Stakeholder Engagement

To date, the City has conducted the following engagement as part of the Study:

  • A workshop on November 23, 2017 with the Regina Downtown & Warehouse Business Improvement Districts
  • A workshop on December 1, 2017 with local infill developers
  • Open Houses on January 23, 30 and February 6, 2018 for owners of underutilized lands and other stakeholder groups

Information and Reports