One of the goals of the OCP is to ensure that it is a living plan that “remains current and relevant over its life.” The OCP directs 5-year reviews to be undertaken to ensure the Plan meets this goal. In between 5-year reviews the Plan will be amended from time to time to stay current and respond to changing circumstances.

Bylaw Number Date of Council Adoption Date of Ministerial Approval Affected Sections Description
2014-56 July 28, 2014 Sep. 10, 2014 Part B.6 2067 Retallack St. – exceptions to Table 6.-0 in Part B.6 – Cathedral Neighbourhood Plan
2014-60 July 28, 2014 Sep. 10, 2014 Part B.6 2059 Edward Street – exceptions to Table 6.-0 in Part B.6 – Cathedral Neighbourhood Plan
2014-61 July 28, 2014 Dec. 1, 2014 Part B.9 Fleet Street Business Park Secondary Plan replaced East Regina Industrial Plan
2015-2 January 12, 2015 Mar. 6, 2015 Part B.14 Westerra Neighbourhood Plan
2015-44 June 22, 2015 Aug. 21, 2015 Part A Amendment to office policies to make exception for anomalous situations that could create a potential safety issue due to proximity to hazards.
2015-52 September 28, 2015 Feb. 25, 2016 Part B.15 Tower Crossing Secondary Plan
2015-76 December 21, 2015 June 20, 2016 Part A Phasing and financing policies and the addition of Map 1b – Phasing of New Neighbourhoods and New Mixed-Use Neighbourhoods
2016-62 September 26, 2016 December 14, 2016 Part A Updates to all maps to: make sure the future land use and development of the Southeast Regina Neighbourhood Plan is consistent with the City’s overall growth plan; reflect the final route of the Province’s highway bypass around the city; and address minor changes such as updating city boundaries

Proposed Amendments

Southeast Regina Neighbourhood Plan

The City is currently undertaking a planning review for the southeast part of Regina. The proposed Southeast Regina Neighbourhood Plan will provide an overarching policy framework guiding future land-use, development and infrastructure servicing for the southeast growth area.

Additional information about the proposed plan going to Committee and Council is available on