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Design Regina, Part A – Citywide Plan
Design Regina, Part B – Secondary Plans

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NOTE: The OCP should be read in its entirety as matter in one section applies to others and topic sections are not listed in order of priority.

Part A – Citywide Plan

Acknowledgements and Table of Contents
Section A: Introduction to Design Regina
Section B: Financial Policies 
Section C: Growth Plan
Section D: Citywide Policies (PDF includes all D sections listed below)

  • D1: Regional Context
  • D2: Environment
  • D3: Transportation
  • D4: Infrastructure
  • D5: Land Use and Built Environment
  • D6: Housing
  • D7: Parks, Recreation and Open Space
  • D8: Culture
  • D9: Health and Safety
  • D10: Economic Development
  • D11: Social Development

Section E: Realizing the Plan
Section F: Maps (PDF includes all maps, download higher quality individual maps below)

Appendices (PDF includes all appendices, download individual appendices below)

Part B – Secondary Plans

Secondary Plans: Neighbourhood Plans, Industrial Plans, Commercial Plans and Corridor Plans (PDF includes complete document, download individual parts below)

Part B.1 – Northeast Area Neighbourhood Plan
Part B.2 – Inner City Neighbourhood Plan
Part B.3 – Transitional Area Neighbourhood Plan
Part B.4 – Regina Downtown Neighbourhood Plan
Part B.5 – Eastview Neighbourhood Plan
Part B.6 – Cathedral Area Neighbourhood Plan
Part B.7 – North Central Neighbourhood Plan
Part B.8 – Core Area Neighbourhood Plan
Part B.9 – Fleet Street Business Park Secondary Plan
Part B.10 – Former Diocese of Qu’Appelle Neighbourhood Plan
Part B.11 – Lakeview/Albert Park Neighbourhood Plan
Part B.12 – General Hospital Area Neighbourhood Plan
Part B.13 – Warehouse District Neighbourhood Plan
Part B.14 – Westerra Neighbourhood Plan
Part B.15 – Tower Crossing Secondary Plan
Part B.16 – Southeast Regina Neighbourhood Plan

Printed copies of Regina’s new Official Community Plan (Part A) are available to purchase from the Planning Department at City Hall. For printed copies of Part B, Secondary Plans, or sections within it, contact