Community Priorities

Early in the process to create Design Regina, the public was asked to identify a set of Community Priorities to achieve the City’s Vision and provide direction for the policies in the official community plan.  The priorities are described as follows:

  • Develop Complete Neighbourhoods
    • Create safe and inclusive neighbourhoods that are easy to get around and that have a mix of housing choices, amenities, and services.  Community input will drive a proactive approach to city planning.
  • Embrace Built Heritage and Invest in Arts, Culture, Sport and Recreation
    • Enhance quality of life, community identity and pride by supporting heritage preservation, arts, culture and four season sport and recreation activities which will foster community vibrancy and cohesiveness.
  • Support the Availability of Diverse Housing Options
    • Support a variety of housing choices to ensure people from all walks and stages of life are welcomed to live in Regina.
  • Create Better, More Active Ways of Getting Around
    • Make it easier for people of all abilities to travel through the city by investing in public transit in appropriate locations and planning for all active forms of transportation. This includes providing access routes so all people can more easily travel from home to work and to other destinations.
  • Promote Conservation, Stewardship & Environmental Sustainability
    • Reduce the city’s environmental footprint; prioritize the conservation of land, water, and energy; and embrace new operational measures, such as leading practices for waste management.
  • Achieve Long Term Financial Viability
    • Spend money wisely to ensure the City’s ability to manage its services and amenities both now and in the future.  This includes considering the full costs of operating before committing to projects or services and to search out new ways to generate revenue to ensure the City has the financial resources to meet customers’ needs.
  • Foster Economic Prosperity
    • Support a vibrant and diverse economy that provides opportunities for residents to prosper and Regina to flourish.
  • Optimize Regional Cooperation
    • Work cooperatively with surrounding municipalities, agencies, levels of government and other stakeholders to determine and evaluate opportunities to collaborate to plan for and potentially deliver services regionally.