Online Engagement June 2013

Provide your feedback.

It’s time Regina. We are now in the final stage of developing Design Regina, the City of Regina’s new Official Community Plan (OCP). Our draft plan is ready for your feedback. Your input is an important step in the development of Design Regina.

Design Regina will play a key role in setting the long-term direction for the city and is essential to managing future growth and development. To be sustainable, a municipality must be forward-thinking, responsibly planning for the longer term. For Regina, this means looking ahead to protecting land for growth to a population of 500,000.

Design Regina contains a comprehensive policy framework that will guide the physical, environmental, economic, social and cultural development of the city. It will be a living document that will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis to respond to new data, changes in the community, and the pace of growth over time.


NOTE: Draft Plan is no longer available for review

Review each section and at the bottom you’ll have an opportunity to submit your feedback. We’re looking for your input on the goals and policies within the draft to ensure they align with the following Community Priorities:

• Develop complete neighbourhoods
• Embrace built heritage, and invest in arts, culture, sport and recreation
• Support the availability of diverse housing options
• Create better, more active ways of getting around
• Promote conservation, stewardship and environmental sustainability
• Achieve long-term financial viability
• Foster economic prosperity
• Optimize regional cooperation

We will be accepting feedback on the plan until June 21, 2013.