Focus Groups

Focus groups with Regina residents from all areas of the city were conducted. Groups were segmented by age and included a mix of men and women, long time residents and new arrivals, aboriginals, visible minorities, students, homemakers, retirees, and workers which included those who were self-employed, unemployed, and business owners. Four groups were held over two nights, January 30 and January 31, 2012. Twelve participants were recruited for each of the four focus groups.


  • A common theme through all groups when they were asked what makes Regina unique or special was its size and ability to offer many amenities of a big city while still having the best of what small towns offer.
  • When asked to name what could be improved, the following were touched on by participants of all groups: affordable housing options, a dependable and accessible transit system, snow removal on streets and sidewalks, traffic management and road maintenance.
  • All groups mentioned that the population growth in the city has been a positive change over the last few years, and participants of three of the groups noted that Regina is more culturally and ethnically diverse now compared to ten years ago. At the same time, participants in all four groups mentioned that there is not enough housing available.
  • When asked to describe the draft priorities, focus group participants were generally able to clearly define each priority.
  • While participants said that the draft list of priorities covers most areas the City should be focused on in the coming years, they agreed that some of the priorities are vague and the details contained within one can also be found within another.