Web Survey

To augment the telephone survey data, an abbreviated version of the survey was made available online.

Between February 16th and March 6th, 2012, 517 Regina residents completed the online survey by going to DesignRegina.ca, using a link on the homepage of the City’s website (Regina.ca), and through posts on the City of Regina’s Facebook page and Twitter account. Subscribers to DesignRegina.ca were also invited via email to participate.

Survey participants included both men and women, those under the age of 40 and people 60 and over as well as those with children at home, those who no longer have children living at home and respondents who have no children at all.


  • Survey participants valued the short commutes, the small town feel of their city and the parks and green spaces that Regina offers.
  • When asked what improvements could have the most positive impact on their city, slightly less than one in five mentioned traffic and city planning and one in eight mentioned improving public transportation, and road and infrastructure.
  • The eight draft priorities being considered by the City were provided and respondents were asked to rate each one on a scale from 1 to 5 where 1 is not at all important and 5 is extremely important.
    • All priorities received high ratings of importance.
    • Creating better ways of getting around, being a financially sustainable city, and developing neighbourhoods that are easy to navigate and have a mix of housing and services are three priorities that at least half of respondents noted as being ‘extremely important’.
  • Like the results in the telephone survey, housing options was noted as being the most important short term focus.
  • There were no additional priorities significantly noted that did not already fit within the proposed list.