Population Projections

Design Regina, the Official Community Plan (OCP), is planning for the accommodation of a population of 300,000. Using a population as a planning horizon rather than particular year recognizes the possibility that growth could happen faster or slower in the medium/long term depending on several factors.

25-year population projections for Regina were previously prepared in 2010 during the early stages of the Design Regina process as a foundational study (Population, Employment and Economic Analysis of Regina). The medium scenario projected that the city would reach a population of 258,000 by 2035, and the high scenario projected a population of 302,000 by 2035.

As work on the OCP progressed, more detailed information was needed on household formation trends and housing demand to inform the consideration of different growth options. This presented an opportunity to update and extend the growth forecasts using 2011 Census data. Regina has experienced very strong growth over the last couple of years in particular since Design Regina began; by using the most up-to-date Census data, which was not available in 2010, we can take into account the higher baseline population – i.e. people already in the city now – to inform the potential population trends in the future.

Based on this supplemental growth forecasting work carried out by Hemson Consulting Inc. through the City of Regina Population, Housing, and Employment Forecasts and Land Needs Analysis to 2041, Regina’s population could reach 300,000 around 2040. This forecast falls between the medium and high scenarios from the projections prepared in 2010.

HEMSON – Population Forecast