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Spring 2013

Thanks for being patient for the latest update about Design Regina activities. The following is some key information about the various ongoing work to make your community a better place for the long run and how you can continue to shape Regina’s future. For more information, visit

Official Community Plan

Following a decision by City Council on Mon., April 8, 2013, completion of the Official Community Plan for Regina has been formally accelerated. As you may have heard, it’s now targeted to be completed by late July, rather than closer to the end of 2013, as originally expected.

A strong economy and growth has brought forward the need to accelerate the process to have a new Official Community Plan in place sooner rather than later. This is so Regina has an improved long-range development policy to help the City make the right choices, in light of Saskatchewan’s current context.

An accelerated process to develop a new Official Community Plan means citizens and stakeholders will still have influence, but in different ways, in light of the new schedule.

Between now and mid June, City Administration will talk with various stakeholders and provide opportunities for Regina citizens to weigh in on the final work to create this document. In June, a draft of the Official Community Plan will be taken to the public before going to City Council in late July.

To stay up to date about various opportunities to participate in the Official Community Plan process, stay tuned for more Design Regina emails and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to sign up for the our newsletter by visiting:

Meanwhile, information gathered from the processes for other related studies will continue to inform the Official Community Plan document, as it nears completion. For updates about ongoing work for these studies, see below.

Cultural Plan

The City of Regina is working on its first Cultural Plan, which will establish a guiding vision and long-term strategy to enrich the cultural life of neighbourhoods, generate policies and recommendations related to the topic, along with defining ways cultural assets can help advance economic and broader development priorities.

A key component developed through this process will also include a Cultural Heritage Management Strategy.

Community consultation related to culture and heritage that already took place through earlier phases of the Design Regina process will be used. Information developed for the Cultural Plan and Heritage Management Strategy will also be used for portions of Regina’s new Official Community Plan.

To provide public input for the Cultural Plan, residents are invited to attend a City-hosted event on Tues., April 23 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Conexus Arts Centre, 200 Lakeshore Dr., Regina. To learn more before attending, visit:

Comprehensive Housing Strategy

A public information and a feedback session about the proposed Comprehensive Housing Strategy will be held on Thurs., April 18 at the Ramada Inn, Canadian North Room, mezzanine level, 1818 Victoria Ave.

City staff will deliver a presentation at noon, 5:30 p.m. and 7 p.m., followed by questions and discussion. Each session is about one hour. To learn more before attending, visit:

Transportation Master Plan

Since the extensive public and stakeholder meetings, surveys, open houses, and workshops held in 2012, the Transportation Master Plan has been using that feedback to inform the development of draft plans and policies. The Transportation Master Plan will continue to be developed over 2013, wrapping up in December 2013.

The next opportunity for stakeholder and public involvement for the Transportation Master Plan will be in late summer. Stay tuned for more details on or sign up for the Design Regina newsletter at:

Fall 2012

Official Community Plan begins policy development process
We continue to move forward with Design Regina and the development of the City’s Official Community Plan (OCP). Staff from all areas of the City with expertise in their respective areas have been working with pA Consulting, a firm that is leading the process that will ultimately lead to a new comprehensive OCP. Public engagement at key times is part of this process.

The first public engagement session will involve invited stakeholder organizations that have been instrumental in informing the Design Regina process. A Discussion Guide will assist in session by providing background information and key questions that will help the City understand participants’ perspective on how the City is currently doing to achieve the Community Priorities and what changes would be considered for the future.

Other members of the public are welcome to answer the questions in the discussion guide. These comments will be incorporated into the planning process moving forward.

There is also information on the next public engagement sessions.

Transportation Master Plan update
The Transportation Master Plan (TMP) passed a significant milestone on September 17, 2012 when a set of Transportation Directions were approved by City Council. The Directions will guide the development of policies and strategies for the city-wide Transportation Master Plan (TMP).

The initial draft of the Transportation Directions was created based on public and stakeholder input and telephone and online surveys. The draft was then presented at a series of open houses, online surveys and stakeholder meetings. The feedback was incorporated into the final draft and submitted to Council.

Comprehensive Housing Strategy reports finalized shortly
A lot of work has been done in this area. Notification of upcoming reports will be sent in the near future.

The Transportation Master Plan and Comprehensive Housing Strategy continue to be developed in collaboration with Design Regina in beginning to draft policies and plans, which will be the focus for the next few months before the next round

Summer 2012

Regina is in the process of developing a new Transportation Master Plan (TMP). This comprehensive, multi-modal transportation policy and planning document will shape Regina’s transportation system for the next 25 years in order to support the mobility needs of its residents, businesses, and visitors.

The TMP is a key component towards the development of the City’s new Official Community Plan, Design Regina. Both plans will shape how we experience and live in our city. Developing both plans concurrently provides a solid foundation for the future.

The TMP launched publicly in May 2012 with a series of four open houses throughout Regina. Over 800 people participated in the open houses.

The next TMP event will be a series of transit, pedestrian and cycling workshops July 23, 24 and 25. The intent of these workshops is for City staff, stakeholders, and citizens who are passionate about those modes to come together to share information and ideas. The workshops will include a “classroom” and practical component (taking Regina Transit, pedestrian and cycling tours).

There are a limited number of spaces available for public registrants so sign up soon to participate in one of these events! Learn more about the Multi-Modal Workshops and Register by visiting the TMP section of this website – Ways to Participate.

For more information on the Transportation Master Plan visit or call 777-7000.

Spring 2012

City of Regina Transportation Master Plan Launch – May 23rd to 26th

Since you have taken the time to sign up for Design Regina email list, we would like to share some information regarding another City of Regina planning project associated with Design Regina. Please share this open house information with colleagues, friends and neighbours and post to your organization’s website or social media pages.

Regina is in the process of developing a new city-wide Transportation Master Plan (TMP). This comprehensive, multi-modal transportation policy and planning document will shape Regina’s transportation system for the next 25 years in order to support the mobility needs of its residents, businesses, and visitors. The plan will be developed in close collaboration with Design Regina, the new Official Community Plan, over 2012 and 2013. As part of the kick-off of the TMP, the City will be holding four open houses:

  • Wednesday May 23, 3 – 8 p.m.: Cornwall Centre, 2102 11th Avenue
  • Thursday May 24, 5 – 8 p.m.: Northgate Mall, 489 N Albert Street
  • Friday May 25, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.: Southland Mall, 2965 Gordon Road
  • Saturday May 26, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.: Victoria Square Mall, 2223 E Victoria Avenue

The open houses are intended to introduce the TMP, discuss opportunities and challenges that may be addressed throughout the TMP and receive feedback on draft Transportation Directions – a set of transportation planning principles, specific to Regina’s needs, which will guide the development of the TMP. After the May 23 public launch there will be an online survey available on the TMP website for you to provide your comments on the draft Transportation Directions in addition to the comment sheets available at the open houses.

City’s Official Community Plan moves to next phase

At last night’s Council meeting, City Council unanimously endorsed a list of eight community priorities developed by the City’s Design Regina project team. The priorities were based on an intensive public engagement process that took place over the last year.

These priorities will provide direction for the next phase of development of Design Regina, the Official Community Plan (OCP) that will be the City’s blueprint for guiding growth and change for the next 25 years. The development of the OCP began in 2009 and the final phase will be completed in 2013 with a finished document. The priorities cover key areas such as developing complete neighbourhoods; supporting housing options; creating transportation choices; and financial sustainability.

“We are confident that the process going forward reflects the views of our residents,” said Mayor Pat Fiacco. “The priorities provide clarity on where we need to focus to move towards meeting the needs of the public and achieving the City’s vision to be the most vibrant, inclusive, attractive, sustainable community, where people live in harmony and thrive in opportunity.”

The City is hiring a consultant to lead the development and implementation of a process that will result in the new comprehensive OCP. The final plan will have significance to the way work is done administratively throughout the City and will require extensive collaboration with staff from many different areas. There are also other plans such as the Transportation Master Plan and the Comprehensive Housing Strategy underway that will feed into the OCP.

Spring 2012

Welcome to the Design Regina newsletter. Here you’ll find a snapshot of what we’re doing, what people are saying, a new survey and some upcoming events,

Take the next step in the Design Regina process by sharing your preferences in the community survey.

This web survey is just one of the additional opportunities for input that were added following October’s Public Forum to ensure the priorities reflect the broadest needs of our community. A statistical sample survey and focus group sessions were also added to provide additional insight into what citizens want to see in their future Regina.

Public Information Meeting: to be held late March details TBA

FCM’s Green Municipal Fund supports the City of Regina’s sustainable community plan
Berry Vrbanovic, president of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and councillor for the City of Kitchener, Ontario; Tom Lukiwski, Member of Parliament for Regina—Lumsden—Lake Centre; and Mayor Pat Fiacco announced Green Municipal FundTM (GMF) grant contributions for the City of Regina at a media event held on February 21, 2012.

The City will use the $350,000 in funding for the work being done through Design Regina to develop the City’s Official Community Plan, an important long-range plan that will map out how Regina will grow physically, provide services, manage impacts to the environment and enhance social and cultural development over the next 25 years.


Fall 2011

Welcome to the Design Regina newsletter. Here you’ll find a snapshot of what we’re doing, what people are saying, and how you can join the conversation about planning to make our city great. The Design Regina e-newsletter will be published monthly over the summer and twice monthly this fall when our big public events get underway.

We’re in Your Community

Cathedral Village Arts Festival

Design Regina Ambassadors have been bringing Design Regina to you at various events around the city this summer.

To date, we’ve visited 8 events, including the Cathedral Arts Village Festival, the Southland Mall, the Sandra Schmirler Leisure Centre, National Aboriginal Day, Canada Day celebration in Wascana Park and the SaskTel Summer Invasion.

Check the website calendar for upcoming events.

Look for us at our next event the Regina Folk Festival, Aug 6.

Helping to shape Regina’s future

Every community in Saskatchewan needs an official community plan, under provincial law. This long-range plan maps out how the community will grow physically, how it will accommodate a growing population and how it will manage issues such as environmental impacts and providing city services.

Regina’s existing plan is over 25 years old and a lot has changed since it was created. It’s time to develop a new plan that aligns with our city’s dynamic potential and the expectations of our residents.

Participate Now

That’s where you come in. Conversations and group discussions have been held with over 110 organizations regarding the opportunities and challenges Citizen Circlefacing Regina.

This is your chance to imagine Regina’s possibilities, help us define success and design Regina’s future.

Make sure to fill out a Share your Thoughts card.

Try your hand at planning Regina’s growth by exploring priorities and tradeoffs with our planning tool Metroquest.

Explore the issues by reviewing the Topic Sheets and imagine Regina’s possibilities with our Conversation Starters.

Save the dates or jump in and have a lively discussion with your friends and colleagues by forming a Citizen Circle to discuss a topic that matters to you.

Save the dates! Later this fall, we’re hosting a Speaker Series and an Ideas Fair and Public Form.

Form a Citizen Circle

Citizen Circles

What people are saying

Here’s a sample of what we’ve heard so far:

My Future Regina is:

“Is one where public input is meaningful and real and where it occurs at the right part of the process (not when the plan is done).”

“Green and full of beautiful parks and pathways. My future Regina, by way of these beautiful parks and pathways, will encourage more and more people to get outside and exercise.”

“More multicultural and economically developed. Embrace to international business ideas, trends and catch up with the most advanced countries in the world.”

“Community-focused, food-secure, environmentally sustainable, healthy and happy.”

“A community that my kids will choose to live in when they are adults – education opportunities, jobs and quality of life – parks, cultural opportunities, sport and play.”

“A city whose downtown is pedestrian-friendly. I think we are already moving in that direction.”

Tell us about your future Regina. Complete a Share Your Thoughts card