Discussion Guides

You will be familiar with most of the content in the Discussion Guide, but it is a good idea to review the information that will describe the process timelines, the Community Priorities and other considerations in developing the OCP.  The questions on the final page of the Guide will ask for your thoughts.  The answers to the questions are interactive so you can complete them online and email your responses directly to designregina@regina.ca.  You can also print the form and mail the completed form to the address provided.

The Feedback Summary Report (PDF) summarizes the feedback received in response to the questions posed in the Discussion Guide.

Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts and submitted their feedback.  It will be used to inform the development of policy goals and objectives to connect City policy to the Community Priorities.

Download the:
Discussion Guide #1 November, 2012 (PDF)
Discussion Guide #2 April, 2013 (PDF)
Discussion Guide #3 June, 2013 (PDF)