Development Charges Review Project

In December 2015, City Council approved the Servicing and Agreement Fee and Development Levy Policy.

Highlights include policy that:

  • Supports Design Regina, the Official Community Plan’s, growth pays for growth philosophy;
  • Focuses development charges on system-wide infrastructure to support growth;
  • Defines development charges for 235K and 300K neighbourhoods;
  • Phases-in development charge increases over the next three years;
  • Introduces a final phasing and financing plan to grow Regina to a 300K population; and
  • Helps first-in greenfield developers to recoup costs for infrastructure that benefit surrounding areas.

Future work in 2016 will include:

  • Consultation with stakeholders to develop an approach for infill development charges; and
  • Research to consider an industrial land development policy.

Project Background

In 2013, the City introduced Design Regina, its new Official Community Plan to manage the city’s growth to 300,000 people and set the stage for its longer-term development. As part of this project, the City is reviewing how to best pay for and sequence growth in the many areas around Regina. This project is being lead by the City of Regina administration with extensive involvement from the development community.

The City of Regina currently uses development charges (referred to as Service Agreement Fees or SAFs) to fund the infrastructure investments required for or triggered by new growth (i.e. roadways, water, sewer, drainage, and parks and recreational facilities including spray pads, multi-use pathways, soccer and ball fields, etc.). Currently, residential, commercial and industrial developers pay these development charges when building in new areas around the city. In certain cases, when new infrastructure is built (i.e. building a new dog park) to increase the level of service for the existing community and as well as to benefit growth, development charges and property taxes may split the cost.


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