About TMP

What is a Transportation Master Plan?

The Transportation Master Plan provides a framework for how the City of Regina will address its future transportation needs over the next 25 years. The TMP identifies opportunities to improve the way we drive, take transit, walk, and cycle around Regina.

A new transportation plan for Regina

Regina’s last major Transportation Plan was developed in 1991 and primarily focused on the road network and transit. It was updated in 2001, but it is now time for a comprehensive new plan which is multi-modal and reflects modern transportation planning best-practices and the renewed vision for our city in Design Regina.

Transportation in Regina Today

Regina is a highly auto-oriented city, with over 83% of trips to work via single-passenger automobile. However, transit is becoming an increasingly attractive travel choice as the cost of driving and congestion increases. Walking and cycling is also playing a greater role in how we get around, particularly in Regina’s inner communities.

With increasing population and economic activity, Regina must plan sustainably to accommodate growth while retaining the things we value about the existing transportation system such as relatively short commutes, manageable congestion, and attractive travel choices.

Connection to Design Regina

The TMP is a key component towards the development of the City’s new Official Community Plan, Design Regina. Both plans will shape how we experience and live in our city. Developing both plans concurrently provides a solid foundation for the future.